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Marjo Wilson: singer/songwriter from Covelo, CA:

"Having grown up on the Eel River in Mendocino County, and finding it difficult to categorize my particular sound,  I've recently, just for fun, been referring to it as “River Rock.” Rooted in the Blues, the music swings from “a little Latin, to a little Swampy, to a little Country , to a little Funky, to a lot of dance beat Rock.”

Marjo leads a 5 piece Dance Band, The MARJO WILSON BAND, that rocks the Northern California Mountain territory:

Marjo Wilson- Lead vocals and guitar

Morten Jensen- Bass and lead guitar

Mark Theis- Drums

Jeff Brakensiek- Keys & Trombone

Robin Kellerstrass- Backing vocals and percussion


Marjo also has an Acoustic ensemble called The MARJO WILSON TRIO:

Marjo , Morten and Robin offer three vocals - two acoustic guitars- and percussion shakers...

“ I love playing with the full Band - blasting out the beats with the full sound.

I also love playing with my Trio- just a few of us, allowing us to groove it up dance style, acoustically, as well as bring it down for a more thoughtful and intimate set.

I strive for a physical connection with people, through the music- through the beat. And I enjoy the intellectual connection with people as well, the raising of awareness and consciousness, about our world as well as our own individual reality and potential.

I love living in what I like to call, with great affection, ‘The Wildlands’ of Northern California.”